Supplying Scotland with local low-cost, low-carbon electricity

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Planned to be operational in 2030, the 2GW Caledonia development will mark two decades of continuous investment by Ocean Winds in the Moray Firth, providing opportunities for local growth.

The 2GW Caledonia Offshore Wind Farm is planned to nearly double the Moray Firth’s ability to supply Scotland with local low-cost, low-carbon electricity.

Ocean Winds’ heritage extends back to the start of Scotland’s first commercial scale offshore wind project in the Moray Firth in 2010, the Moray East development

Moray East is nearby to Caledonia and the project led the world in offshore wind cost reduction. It is now supplying enough electricity to meet the needs of almost one million homes. Construction of Ocean Winds’ neighbouring Moray West development is about to begin.


About the Caledonia Offshore Wind Farm

2GW capacity

Learnings from Ocean Winds’ legacy in the area will enable the 2GW Caledonia site to produce large-scale green power quickly and cost-effectively.

Powering 2 million homes

It is expected that Caledonia will be capable of meeting the average electricity needs of around 2 million homes.

429km2 ScotWind site

Ocean Winds won rights to develop the 429km2 site in 2022 as one of 17 new offshore wind farm areas awarded during the ScotWind leasing process.

40km from the coastline

The site is close enough to shore to allow for AC transmission technology, reducing costs further.

Over 12 years experience in the Moray Firth…

Proven site

Next to Ocean Winds’ existing Moray Firth wind farms. Scotland knows we can deliver clean energy safely and successfully here.

Proven technology

Our experience developing Moray East and Moray West will accelerate cost reduction for Caledonia. Now, we’re focused on optimising our technology and sharing lessons.

Proven developer

In at the start of the industry in Scotland. We take projects from concept through construction to operation, we deliver what we say we will.

Proven relationships

Existing relations with key stakeholders are strong. We have a deep understanding of the area and this enables data rich development.


Ocean Winds is entrenched in the offshore wind industry in Scotland…

In 2009 when Ocean Winds began development of Scotland’s biggest wind farm at the time – the 950MW Moray East site – we were not simply introducing a new project to the Moray Firth, but helping to grow a new industry in Scotland. 

We pioneering deeper water working (over 50 m) and reduced the cost of offshore power by more than half. Established in 2010, our UK office in Edinburgh is a global centre of excellence for the industry.

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